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Simply the best, most diverse, healthiest cannabis products you can get your hands on in LA! From the plantation directly to your joint, Bud Dynasty sources the freshest, healthiest and most consciously produced cannabis goods. Only the good stuff!

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From the cleanest cannabis wellness products from Kikoko, to the strongest Ball Family buds, or the highest quality edibles from KIVA and much more, Bud Dynasty is ready to provide for all of your cannabis needs.

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Not sure what to choose? We’re often amazed by our wide selection as well! Thankfully, you can try our bestsellers and trust the thousands who already enjoy them.

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At Bud Dynasty, our mantra is providing products that help you enhance your health and wellness and are sourced only from the most natural producers. This is why we select our providers and products to match only the highest health standards. When shopping at Bud Dynasty, you can always be sure that our products are safe to consume!

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Flowers, buds, tinctures, lotions, edibles and much more! Take a look at our most searched categories and reach your favorite products in no time!

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“There’s nothing like a delivery of fresh buds right to your door. I can always count on these guys when I want to have a good time!”
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CARL J., California
“I use creams and lotions from Bud Dynasty and they do wonders with rashes and acne! Plus, it’s cool to know I’m using cannabis!”
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JOLLY ANNE, California
“So much variety! I haven’t yet tried all of the products, but none have let me down until now.”
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BARBARA J., California